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We have the newest equipment operated by the most skilled drivers on the road; our expertise means reliability and dependability. You can count us on for all your logistics needs.

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Our values define us. We believe in honesty, integrity, commitment to excellence and innovation. Each employee of our company keeps these values in mind while dealing with customers. We ensure that each customer, whether they work with us only once or are repeat customers, get the same attention, respect and care each and every time.
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We Believe In Honesty, Integrity, Commitment To Excellence And Innovation

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Our experienced and courteous staff understands the magnitude of every shipment and the need to protect your bottom line.
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KingAir Transportation has experienced rapid growth since 2010 due to the expedient and flexible services we provide to meet the needs of our customers.

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We believe that repeat customers are a testament to our customer service and we strive that all of our customers remain our long-term customers.
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